How to care for hair in summer
First, you should remember the advice of mothers and grandmothers about the headdress. In the heat, it will provide not only protection to the hair, but also protect against sunstroke. Do not forget about moisturizing hair with special products. In the summer, the whole body needs constant water saturation. Therefore, you need to use as much fluid as possible. Also do not forget about water treatments. If you don’t wear a hat, you should use UV-resistant caring products. How to care for your hair in summer? Tips mainly come down to protection against drying out and moisture. Mask with cucumber juice on kefir basis perfectly cope with the task. Several smooth movements of the hair with palms smeared with coconut oil will provide protection against drying out.

The opinion of professionals regarding the conduct of recreational procedures in the form of masks is definitely positive. Since hairs are constantly exposed to external negative effects, they need nourishment and recovery. Coconut, burdock, olive and castor oils are good base materials for masks. Additional ingredients are added to enhance the effect. For example, honey and sea salt in combination with coconut or olive oil perfectly help with dandruff. A burdock mask with a banana nourishes, strengthens and stimulates hair growth. It helps the weakened locks of the mixture on the basis of such dairy products such as kefir or sour cream. They have a positive effect on the hair and scalp, softening and restoring. The benefits of honey masks can be talked about for a long time. After all, there is no such amount of vitamins and microelements as in this bee product. But you should consider the features of the body. If honey is allergic, then masks with its use will have to be abandoned.

Winter care
How to care for hair in winter? Tips professionals will help you in the cold season to protect their curls. As already mentioned, low temperatures are detrimental to hair no less than high, so in winter you need to hide curls under a headdress. Leaving the tips uncovered, the women dry them and cut them. Coming from a cold air into a warm room, you must remove the headdress, so as not to expose the hair to steaming. This adversely affects their structure and contributes to the release of excess greasy coating. Moistening and nourishing hair in winter is just as important as summer. Therefore, do not forget about balms and conditioners with a nutritional basis.